Almost the whole Beats lineup just got reduced on Amazon — here are the ones this headphone reviewer would buy

As one of the many virtues of my job, I try a whole host of different headphones from the divine to the absurd. Beats is just one brand that graces my testing table from time to time, and I’ve since become uniquely positioned to be able to give buying advice on Apple’s subsidiary audio name.

Creating stunning-looking headphones, the Beats line manages to bring some killer features to go with their stylish frames. Be that noise canceling, location features that make it easier to find them, or Apple chips at lower prices than the little white equivalent, there are loads of reasons why you might want to try Beats. While they’re not the last word in sound, deep integration with Apple’s ecosystem makes them worthwhile even if you’d rather an audiophile music experience. I would also, however, like to introduce some alternative options that you might want to look at instead, with different feature sets and sound profiles.

Today, pretty much all the Beats headphone models just got reduced in the Amazon Big Deal Days sale — and I’m here to tell you which headphones you should try.

Which Beats should you buy?

Ones you’ll have to think really hard about

The Beats… condundrum

Beats have long been a devisive brand, with some saying that they are muddy, bassy messes. That hasn’t been true for some time, although I’ve still found their product lineup mixed at best. That’s not to say, however, that there aren’t those who love their Beats headphones, and wear them every day.

iMore contributor Tshaka Armstrong was a big fan of the Beats Studio Pro, and the brand as a whole — he loves the sound signature, the looks, and the way they feel. Headphones are an achingly personal thing, and sometimes, that means that people disagree about them.

In my eyes, all of the above headphones are much better options with these current lower prices — and it makes them much easier to recommend based on my experience, and how much I think they’re worth. That doesn’t mean, however, that I don’t think there are better options out there, including some that are in the Amazon Big deal Days sale.

Like these.

I’d recommend these as well

I have tried Beats, but I have also tried much more. These are just some of the headphones that I would recommend instead of the beats line of headphones.

It’s all down to you

Whichever you go for, ultimately, is going to be up to you. Do you want the fashion statements that perhaps don’t perform as well as better priced competition, or do you want something that’s not going to turn as many heads and sound better? Personally, I’d go for something that performs better — but I am a self-proclaimed audio weirdo.

There are loads of other headphone deals during the Big Deal Days sale, even as it comes to end — and if you’re looking to join the ranks of audiophiledom, it might just be the perfect time to join in.



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