AirPods 2 has a new rival thanks to Amazon’s new Echo Buds at $50

In a flurry of announcements on May 17, Amazon also showcased its new low-cost Echo Buds (opens in new tab), where it’s sacrificed a bunch of features, such as Active Noise Cancelling and an in-ear design, for a competitive $50 price point to take on Apple’s AirPods 2 and 3 wireless earphones.

Available to pre-order now with a release date of June 7, Amazon says that these Buds can last up to five hours on a single charge before they need to be put back into the case, and the silicon ear tips will allow them to sit in the ear a little better than the AirPods and their smooth, plastic surfaces.

It’s also renamed its last-generation Buds as ‘Echo Buds with Noise Cancellation’, which stays at the $150 price point, so if you want the in-ear, ANC experience, Amazon still offers that.

But these could be a great ‘backup’ for your AirPods in some situations – especially at that ridiculously low price.

Great to have as a backup

(Image credit: iMore)

These new Echo Buds can pair with two devices, so you could connect them to a Nintendo Switch for those times with Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and to your iPhone for when you either forget to bring your AirPods, or they’ve run out of charge.

Granted, the design of these Echo Buds, from the tips to the case, is unremarkable. But that’s a good thing when you consider the price point – at $50 these could also be a great purchase for kids who have iPads and parents don’t want to listen to a TV show on loud for the 64th time.

These look to get the job done, and while they might not look the best compared to Sony’s or Apple’s alternatives, for $50, it’s hard to complain for what these Echo Buds can offer when they launch in June.



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