A more affordable Apple VR headset will follow Reality Pro for those with patience

Apple hasn’t yet managed to announce its first Reality Pro AR/VR headset, but we can safely assume that it’s already looking into what comes next. That, according to one analyst, is not just one headset — but two.

We’ve heard rumors of Apple planning to replace its first $3,000 headset with two new ones eventually and now that’s been reiterated by one Apple supply chain analyst.

According to that analyst, Apple will have high and low-end Reality Pro headsets in or around 2025.

A whole new reality

That analyst is the usually well-connected Ming-Chi Kuo who took to Medium (opens in new tab) to share details on a few of Apple’s upcoming products. Those include the iPhone 16 Pro as well as the Reality Pro headset.

Apple’s first Reality Pro is expected to be announced during the WWDC 2023 opening keynote on June 5. It then isn’t expected to go on sale until later in the year, but when it does it’s expected to cost upwards of $3,000. Now, Kuo has again said that there will be a cheaper version at a later date for those who want it, but not for a little while yet.

“The 2nd generation Apple AR/MR headset is expected to go into mass production in 2025,” the analyst writes. “There will be two versions, a high-end and a low-end. Shipments of the 2nd generation in 2025 are expected to be around ten times those of the 1st generation in 2023.”

It remains to be seen what that cheaper model will have in terms of features and capabilities and how it will differ from the other model. But the first Reality Pro headset is expected to feature some high-end technology including Mac-like chips, multiple cameras, and impressive displays to create an immersive experience for the wearer. We’ve seen a few tidbits leak, but we now have to only wait a matter of weeks before the full story comes into focus.



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