1,000 fake AirPods & 50 counterfeit Apple Watches seized at DC-area airport in March

Genuine AirPods Pro

Nearly $300,000 worth of counterfeit AirPods Pro and Apple Watches were seized at an airport heading to Virginia from China, although no one has yet been charged.

Authorities seized the products at Washington Dulles International Airport in March. The four shipments were beings sent from China to an address in Fairfax County, Virginia, according to NBC Washington.

The packages included fake 1,000 AirPods Pros and 50 Apple Watches for a total of $290,000. US Customs and Border Protection suspected they were counterfeits and held them for an investigation.

Officers seized the counterfeit products on March 29, which were in Apple’s classic white, minimal packaging. No one has been charged in the investigation as of April 26, 2023.

How to spot counterfeits

Fortunately, there are ways to tell the differences between genuine and counterfeit AirPods.

First, check to ensure the plastic wrapping is tight around the package, as some counterfeits can include thinner plastic that may be loose in places. Next, the getting started guide may also be made of thinner paper than the genuine version.

On the AirPods, the text may be darker, with protruding buttons that differ from Apple’s precision. The ear tips can also be stiffer than the silicone that Apple uses.

Additionally, after pairing the AirPods to an iPhone, be sure to enter the serial number from Settings into Apple’s website. It will likely say it’s a genuine serial number, but the coverage has expired.


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